10 good reasons to choose MENSA HEATING

1. Cheap in running costs

Mensa Heating products are the most affordable patio heaters in running cost. For under $0.13 per hour, you can stay warm on the terrace. This means that for the same running cost as just one single gas heater you could use 22 Mensa Heating patio heaters!

2. Energy savings

Mensa Heating uses the most efficient heating system, with infrared Quartz shortwave Mensa Heating converts 92% of the electricity into heat. With this Mensa Heating saves you 80% compared to other electrical patio heaters, and up to 95% savings compared to conventional patio heaters on gas.

3. Safety in use

A special development by Mensa Heating have led to a unique and patented Safe To Touch-function, which means that you can easily touch the products without injury. The lamp is protected with a special grill, which provides this unique feature. Furthermore, Mensa Heating products are tested by several of the world's leading test institutes.

4. Efficient heating without waste

The thermal radiation goes directly to the users of the product. Instead of the heat fighting its way down from above, Mensa Heating have developed a range of patio heaters, which distributes the heat exactly where the body’s heat absorption is best. With this, Mensa Heating only heats up the people and objects – not the surrounding air, leading to a more comfortable experience for the user.

5. Immediately heat

Mensa Heating products warm immediately after you turn them on. There are no annoying warm-up phases and no waiting for the lamp to start warming.

6. No mess and no rattle

No more soot, which occurs when using gas heaters. In addition, Mensa Heating products are completely noise and odor free!

7. Lightweight and easy to use

Mensa Heating’s products are made of lightweight materials, which make them extremely flexible. The product design secures that the products can be used almost anywhere and easily transported around as necessary.

8. Environmentally friendly

The heat from Mensa Heating is based on infrared quartz short wave, which is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor use. The result is a reduction in CO2 emission by more than 66%, compared with conventional gas heaters.

9. Danish engineering and design

The famous Danish designer Mikael Mammen is the designer behind Mensa Heating’s products. Furthermore all development behind Mensa Heating is Danish.

10. High quality

Mensa Heating’s continuous selection of high quality also reflects in the life span of the bulb, which is 5,000 – 7,000 hours of normal use.

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