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Our innovative heat technology can extend your outdoor season by several months. Soak up the relaxing and comfortable warmth as it rises up through the body leaving you to enjoy the pleasure of the outdoors late into the season. Imus provides eco-friendly outdoor heat exactly where you want it. Imus is designed to fit under your existing table to make those long cozy evenings even longer.

Our heaters are the only one of its kind to have SAFE TOUCH, and thereby we see MENSA HEATING’s products as the safest outdoor heaters in the world! With its unique patent pending technology MENSA HEATING is able to provide products with SAFE TOUCH, which allows you to touch the heaters at all times. Thanks to Danish engineering, we have managed to invent this unique function, which has been carried out to all our models.

MENSA HEATING uses only the best lamps on the market (Quartz Short wave), securing 92% efficiency. And due to our unique construction of the bipolar lamp house, we can perform as similar to 1500W lamps, but only using 550W. This makes our heaters less expensive in running cost, and reduces the CO2 emission by more than 66%.

Imus revolutionized outdoor heating with its low running costs, as never seen before. If comparing Imus with a traditional gas heater the figures speak for themselves: The total savings in running cost compared to a gas heater is 94%. In other words, this means that for the same running cost as 1 single gas heater, you can use 23 Imus products.

MENSA HEATING delivers the most environmentally friendly patio heaters on the market for outdoor heating. With these products, MENSA HEATING will ensure that this new generation of patio heaters will respect the environment. With the most environmentally friendly products, MENSA HEATING is able to present a CO2 reduction of 66% compared to a traditional gas heater.

Harmless infrared light is used to increase vibrations in our cells that then heat up the body. Because Imus' infrared heat source is positioned to optimize the body's natural heating system, the result is a pleasant soothing heat throughout.

Imus slips easily under a table, so it is quick to take out or move back in after a pleasant evening on the patio, balcony or even out camping.

Imus requires no preparation. Simply connect the product to a power outlet and you are ready to enjoy immediate soothing warmth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mensa Heating's products are 100% safe, both to the touch and against water. Mensa Heating provides safe heat just where the body needs it.
For cleaning the heaters we recommended to use ordinary glass cleaner on spray. Spray this to a clean cloth, then wipe the product. Please do not spray directly into the heater.
If you currently own a gas heater and want to switch to one of Mensa Heating's products, you can look forward to a saving of around 90% in operating costs. You save a significant amount of money and reduce your carbon footprint more than 66%.
The name Mensa Heating arises from the latin word Mensa, which means 'table' - 'Table Heating'. Vireoo is latin for 'I am green'. Imus is latin for 'Underneath'. Statio is latin for 'Standing'.
The heat builds up slowly in the body, and you will experience the full pleasure of being near our heaters after a few minutes.

Most Asked Technical Questions

All Mensa Heating products are cETL approved - approved for Canada.
The custom-made quartz shortwave bulb is only 0.4 kW / 0,55 kW / 0.7 kW. The lamp does not heat up the air, but forms the first heat when the rays of light hits an object/person. The heat source does not use unnecessary energy to heat the air.
Mensa Heating products are plug and play products, ready to go the moment you have them. In Canada all you need is a 110v power outlet. Our heaters can be placed under an existing patio table, or can be placed next to a patio chair to provide soothing warm heat.
If you switch from gas heating to one of Mensa Heating's products, the CO2 reduction is minimum 80%.

Safe To Touch

Each of our heaters are safe to touch, therefore we see Mensa Heating’s products as the safest outdoor heaters in the world. With unique patented technology, Mensa Heating provides products with a safe to touch function. This allows you to touch the heater at all times. Thanks to Danish engineering, we have invented this unique function, which has been carried out though to all our models.

Extend The Season

We are facing unprecedented times in our own lives and as businesses. Having a comfortable patio setting has become essential for everyone to enjoy their business and lifestyle. Find out how our technology is helping businesses stay open longer with lower operating costs.

Save On Energy And The Environment

The heat from Mensa Heating is based on infrared quartz short wave, which is the most environmentally friendly solution for outdoor use. The result is a reduction in CO2 emission by more than 89%, compared with conventional gas heaters and substantial savings on energy costs.
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